About Us

CHIPI-LOGOThe Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines, Inc., otherwise known as CHIPI, is an association of companies engaged in the manufacture, development, research, distribution and trading of herbal products. Organized in 2001 with a starting group of 12 companies, it now has over 50 of the leading companies in the Philippine natural & herbal industry…and which accounts for 70% of the local natural and herbal market in the Philippines (estimated in 2007 by the Department of Trade and Industry at US$ 600million including exports, and still growing by the year).

All regular members are with valid License-to-Operate (LTO) certificates from the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). This gives CHIPI the credibility to be a valuable contributor in the well-being of our people by:

1.promoting responsibility in giving safe & effective quality products to the consumers,
2.showing responsibility in product promotion,
3.being vigilant against unscrupulous players that destroy the overall reputation of the industry, and
4.assisting and guiding young and upstart companies practice product responsibility and achieve competitiveness.

As the leading organization in the natural and herbal sector, CHIPI has working relations with affiliates and segment associations like the Organic Producers Trade Association (OPTA), the Virgin Coconut Oil Producers and Traders Association of the Philippines (VCOP), the Cooperative of Philippine Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Allied Products Manufacturers and Traders (COVCOP), the Natural Products Society of the Philippines (NPSP), the Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP), the Spa Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SAPi), and others.

CHIPI is also a member of and currently chairs the ASEAN Alliance of Traditional Medicine Industries (AATMI), an organization of national associations engaged in the practice of traditional medicine industries, both product manufacturers and service providers, within the ASEAN countries.


That CHIPI be known as the locally and internationally recognized prime mover in the development of the Philippine Herbal Industry.


CHIPI seeks to pursue the full implementation of the traditional and alternative health care policy outlined in the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act of 1997 (TAMA Law of 1997) and address government regulatory concerns.

CHIPI seeks to provide affordable traditional and alternative products and services for primary and therapeutic health care and total wellness.

CHIPI seeks to pursue and respond to the growing demand on health and wellness by supplying the local and export market, increase its market share and contribute to the economic growth of the country.


Local Trade Fair

CHIPI organized the MARPÉ Health Expo, an annual event held during the Traditional Health Month in October, which aims to promote health and wellness through the use of natural health products and alternative healing therapies. It brings together under one venue the country’s leading brands of consumer products that are produced by member-companies of CHIPI and selected members of allied industry associations who share the common goal of providing our people with safe, reliable and affordable natural health products and healing modalities.

MARPÉ is also an opportunity for the general public to learn about new developments and avail of natural products and services at special discounts and packages and the exhibitors’ way of rewarding their loyal customers for their continued support and patronage.

Aside from providing a venue where companies can interact directly with the public, this event also serves as training ground for new companies in preparation for participation in bigger and more sophisticated overseas tradeshows.

The event is supported by the Department of Health (DOH), the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Now on its third year, the MARPÉ is being groomed to be an international event and showcase for the Philippine natural, health and wellness industry which is expected to attract buyers from all over the world.

International Trade Fairs

With the support of the Export Development Council (EDC) and the Bureau of Export Trade Promotions (BETP) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and in cooperation with allied industry associations, CHIPI has included in its programs participation in international events on natural health and wellness products and services.

The aim is for increased visibility and awareness for the Philippine natural products, organic and herbal industry in general, and the respective products and services that the industry can offer in particular. The ultimate objective is to be able to translate this increased awareness into higher sales and better export performance for the sector.

Further, participation in international trade fairs and organizing trade missions also intend to expose and update the local players on the latest developments in the international scene thereby allowing for a more objective evaluation of the Philippine’s competitiveness in the health and wellness industry. The information gathered should also be useful in initiating developmental changes to make the industry more competitive.

Lobbying for the Industry

CHIPI recently entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the members of the ASEAN Alliance of Traditional Medicine Industries (AATMI) to intensify and widen cooperation among their member companies in the field of research and development, technology transfer, production and marketing through joint ventures and other forms of business collaboration.

As Chairman of the AATMI, CHIPI is actively involved in ongoing ASEAN Traditional Medicine and Health Supplements (TMHS) harmonization process. The AATMI, having been granted country status in the Product Working Group (PWG), intends to protect the interests of the SMEs in the region that make up over 90% of the industry stakeholders. The AATMI supports the harmonization of ASEAN regulations on traditional and alternative medicinal as well as other health and wellness products in a manner that will protect the ASEAN industries against unfair competition from elsewhere, and supports the approach for integration of ASEAN economy which shall include combining the economic strengths of ASEAN member countries for regional advantage. To such an extent feasible, AATMI member companies will endeavor to invest in the harmonized standard of TMHS, but preserving the traditions of the countries’ different cultures.

CHIPI, through its current President, Dr. Rainier B. Villanueva, is also part of the consultative group of the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) for ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) TMHS PWG and works closely with BFAD on industry regulatory issues.

Also, CHIPI represents the Philippine Natural Health Products Industry (PNHPI) in the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) through its current Chairman, Mr. Lito M. Abelarde.

CHIPI is also cooperating with the Bureau of Export Trade Promotions (BETP) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Department of Health (DOH), and the Department of Agriculture (DA).

Summit on Philippine Natural Health Products Indusry

CHIPI initiated the convening of the Philippine Natural Health Products Industry (PNHPI) Summit together with industry stakeholders to formulate a set of recommendations to the National Government so that the preventive & health care industry may have a greater chance to develop and become a major national contributor to the improvement of our people’s health and country’s economy.

The objectives of the PNHPI are complimentary and consistent with the national government’s thrust in making the country globally competitive.

The PNHPI Summit concludes the urgency for the Philippines to take immediate and decisive action to attain preferred global supplier of high-value, branded natural health, and health-related products, both organic and non-organic and with the Philippine government’s full support.

PNHPI intends to secure its share of the US$ 4.5 Trillion world market for health-related products by mobilizing all the resources in the supply value chain - skilled manpower, land, technologies, logistics in major regions of the country, the PNHPI can contribute to fast tracking the need for livelihood creation.


CHIPI is governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected by the general membership, currently as follows:

Dr. Rainier B. Villanueva Chairman Rainiers Research and Development Institute, Inc.
Albert M.G. Garcia President Whealth, Inc.
Dr. Francis Wade Z. Gomez
Food Supplements
New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corp.
Maura D. De Leon
Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation
Ms. Ruby Tania C. Cruz
Secretary Herbanext, Incorporated
Teresa E. Santos Treasurer Pro-Source International, Inc.
Dr. Edwin A. Bien
PRO Le Bien Wellness Specialists
Mr. Dale John O. Bandalan
Board Member Global Partners, Inc.
Ms. Evangeline V. Orejola
Board Member Northfield Laboratories, Inc.
Ms. Ma. Carolina V. Villegas
Board Member Herbs and Nature Corporation
Bayani P. Nito
Board Member Ibarra BioMed Int’l Trading Corp.

The President oversees the administrative affairs of the organization with the assistance of a full-time Secretariat headed by an Executive Director. The establishment of a full-time Secretariat ensures the continuity of all projects in spite of the board’s two year term of office. CHIPI is also retaining the professional services of a Legal Consultant, Atty. Lorna Filipino, for advice on its regulatory and organizational concerns, and an Accounting firm.


CHIPI’s major source of funds is the membership dues. Meetings and the Marpe have become small fund-raising events. Sponsorships for special projects are solicited from private and government sources like the Export Promotion Fund (EPF).

Given the organization’s expanding involvement, CHIPI is currently soliciting the assistance of funding institutions in order for it to be able to sustain the professional administrative support and operational requirements in its undertakings for promotion and development of the Philippine herbal industry.